About Rebecca

Rebecca’s background in sculpture and object-making informs the jewelry she currently fabricates. Fascination with manipulation of the body as a site for scientific augmentation and experimentation in her earlier sculpture has transferred to an interest in the body as a site of enhancement through adornment. Preciousness has also been a theme throughout her artistic career, from the careful repair and enshrinement of found, natural objects to the embellishment of, at times, modest materials into a valuable and unique piece of jewelry.

Rebecca uses traditional as well as non-traditional techniques and materials to arrive at her designs, and though not production oriented, she emphasizes simplicity and affordability over the strict use of precious metals and gems. Nature, fashion, and design inform a lot of her work. Color has also developed as a prevalent component in her jewelry through the use of gemstones, crystal, and enamel, and she enjoys arranging them into pleasing combinations to enhance the wearers individual style.